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Unveiling the Plastic Predicament

Unveiling the Plastic Predicament

Unveiling the Plastic Predicament and a population wrapped in plastic

A Dive into the Environmental Impact of Plastic, a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, conceals a daunting reality. A 2022 report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reveals a staggering statistic: 72% of the plastic we produce finds its way to landfills or the environment. Shockingly, a mere 9% undergoes recycling, while 19% faces incineration [1].

The gravity of this situation extends beyond terrestrial boundaries. Estimates indicate that an alarming 8 to 11 million tons of plastic annually infiltrate our oceans, as disclosed by the National Academy of Sciences. To put this into perspective, it's akin to dumping a garbage truck's worth of plastic into the ocean every single minute [2].

This revelation underscores the urgent need for sustainable practices and heightened environmental awareness. Unveiling this Plastic Predicament and these disconcerting statistics along with their profound implications on our planet can now be addressed without the need for incineration. Talk to us today to be a part of the solution - we are particularly interested in Government bodies, Municipal waste handling companies, and companies in the Oil business. Talk to us today about a novel solution to all your plastic problems.

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