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Foams Appendix

Chemicycle Solutions are tailored and tweaked in the lab based on a consultative process with the client. Depending on this process, needs, and requirements our formulation is then provided offering a number of different models in terms of cost and volume.

There are various types of foams that are commonly used in industrial applications. [1] [2] [3]

Here are some of the commonly used foam types in industries:

  1. Open-cellular foam: This foam has interconnected pores or cells that make it suitable for filtration applications.
  2. Closed-cellular foam: This foam has sealed pores or cells and is commonly used for insulation purposes.
  3. Flexible foam: As the name suggests, it is flexible and is often used in upholstery, bedding, and cushioning.
  4. Rigid foam: This foam has high compressive strength and is commonly used in insulation, buoyancy, and packaging applications.
  5. Reticular foam: This foam has a three-dimensional structure and is often used in air and oil filters.
  6. Syntactic foam: This foam is made of hollow particles that are filled with gas or liquid and is often used in buoyancy applications.

In addition to the above, rebonded foam is another type of open-cellular polyurethane foam that is made from reclaimed foam fragments and is often used in commercial and industrial applications such as seating for tractors, gyms, and public transport. [3]

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